Do you want to know more about extra?
You will find all the details regarding registration, earning, redeeming points and more right here.


Why did Bosch create a reward programme?
Bosch created extra in order to reward your loyalty. Participation is easy: You can collect points for selected Bosch automotive products and then redeem the points against attractive rewards.

How does extra work?
For every promoted Bosch product you can collect points and redeem them against a variety of attractive rewards. Just enter in your distributor customer number when registering or in your settings. Every time you make a qualifying Bosch product purchase from your chosen distributor(s) you will gain extra points. Your account will be updated daily with your new point balance.

What is the difference between extra and other reward programmes?
Extra is unique due to the broad range of products for which points can be collected. After registration you will be able to collect valuable points for every purchase of the promoted Bosch products throughout the year. Additional campaigns throughout the year make it even easier to increase your points balance and benefit from the large assortment of attractive rewards.

What hours does the service centre operate?
Our service centre operates between 10:00 -16:00 Monday - Friday. Our service centre will be closed on national public holidays.

Public holidays 2024:
  • Monday 1st January
  • Friday 29th March
  • Monday 1st April
  • Wednesday 1st May
  • Thursday 9th May
  • Monday 20th May
  • Thursday 3rd October
  • Friday 1st November
  • Wednesday 25th December
  • Thursday 26th December


Who can register for extra?
Only workshop owners can register for extra.

How do I register for extra?
If you would like to register for extra please follow the instructions:

Go to www.extra-rewards.co.uk and choose "register“

Step 1: Fill in the fields for your contact details.
You will need the e-mail address you enter here later to login to the extra reward program. After confirming the General Terms and Conditions and Data Protection Guideline, click on “Continue”. You will then receive an e-mail containing a link to the e-mail address you provided. Click on the link to proceed to the next step of registration.

Step 2: Distributor selection
On this page you can enter your distributor customer numbers. If you are a customer of more than one distributor, you can of course choose several distributors. You can only proceed with registration if you select at least one distributor and have entered your customer number.

Step 3: Complete your registration
In this step you enter the required data for your workshop. Fields marked with * are mandatory fields. Enter a password and a security question for your account and complete the registration

Why do I need to register my personal details?
You need to register your personal details in order for us to be able to contact you with updates, exciting promotions and more.
Are there any membership fees?
No, registering for and participating in the extra rewards programme is free of charge.


How can I collect points?
To collect points, you simply purchase a qualifying Bosch product from selected distributors.

How many points do I earn for which products?
For every £1 spent on a qualifying product, receive 1 point.


What can I redeem my points for?
You can redeem your points for a broad selection of products, ranging from electronic items to home & garden. You can view the full list of rewards after log-in.

Can I redeem my points for cash?
No, you cannot redeem your points for cash.

Will my collected points expire?
Yes. Points credited to your account will expire after 2 years, taking effect at the end of the immediate following quarter.

This means that points credited to your account on e.g. 01.04.2015 are valid until 30.06.2017.

You will be notified in advance if points are about to expire. So there will be plenty of opportunity for you to redeem your points in time.

Can expired points be recredited?
Unfortunately, expired points cannot be recredited. We apologise for any inconvenience.

When can I redeem my points for rewards?
After completing your registration you can redeem points as soon as you have accumulated sufficient points on your account for the reward of your choice.

How can I place an order?
To place an order, please select your favourite reward(s) and add it to your "rewards basket". Please keep in mind that you have to be logged in. The ordering process then starts automatically. Please verify that you are the workshop owner, check your delivery address and click "place your order". Within two days you will receive an order confirmation e-mail to your registered e-mail address.

Is it possible to make an additional payment to get a reward that has a higher point value than available on the account?
No, an additional payment is not possible.

Are there any shipping costs?
No, shipping is free of charge.

How long will it take to receive my order?
It can take up to four weeks to deliver your reward(s). If you have placed your order more than four weeks ago please contact the service centre by e-mail: info@extra-rewards.co.uk or by phone: 0800 028 3216 (UK). and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Service centre hours: Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 16:00.

Can the reward(s) be delivered to other countries?
No, the rewards can only be delivered to the country of your company's registered office.

Who do I contact if my order is faulty?
If the product is broken, please contact our service centre either by e-mail: info@extra-rewards.co.uk or by phone: 0800 028 3216 (UK) and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Service centre hours: Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 16:00.

Can I return the reward(s) if I change my mind?
It is not possible to return a reward if you changed your mind.

My Account

I've forgotten my password. What do I have to do?
Please click here. On the next page, enter your e-mail address used for extra. An e-mail will be sent to you immediately allowing you to set a new password.

How long will it take to activate my account?
Once you register you will receive a verification email. Your account will be activated as soon as account verification has been completed.

When will extra points be credited to my account?
Points will be credited daily.

How do I change my password?
If you would like to change your password, sign into your account and go to LINK

How do I see my points?
To see your points sign into your account with your username and password and go to LINK 'point history'

The address of my workshop has changed, how can I update this information?
In order to change your personal information sign into your account with your username and password and go to LINK

Can I transfer my points to another account?
The security of your data and account are our prime concern. For that reason it will unfortunately not be possible to transfer points between accounts.

Technical Problems

Why are e-mails from extra displayed on my screen with errors in them?
The correct display of e-mails depends on the individual settings of your e-mail client/browser.

E-mails from extra are sent as multipart mail, i.e. in HTML and TXT format. If you are unable to view our formatted HTML mail correctly (i.e. broken images, strange size, missing texts), please change your browser settings to allow TXT e-mails only.

I am missing points. Where are they?
Please check your points on your account carefully, if you still think you are missing out on points please contact our service centre on 0800 028 3216 (UK).

Data Protection
Please see our Data Protection Policy for information on how your data is processed.


How can I terminate my participation in extra?
In order to terminate your participation in extra, please send notification in writing to the extra Service Centre. You can write to the Service Centre by e-mail at info@extra-rewards.co.uk

In order to enable us to process your termination quickly and smoothly, please include in your termination e-mail/letter your participant name (with registered e-mail address) and the reason for your termination.

How long will my data be stored after termination?
Three years after a termination all personal data is irrevocably deleted.