From the race track to the road: choose Bosch ignition and injection parts. Be a winner!

Receive even more benefits now!
In quarter 3, Bosch puts focus on technical spare parts for Gasoline vehicles and Gasoline Direct injection parts. In regards to this, we also want to reward our eXtra workshops with more points across relevant product groups.
You will from 1st July – 30th September 2019 receive even more points than usual. You will receive double points on Bosch Spark plugs, Lambda sensors and ignition coils at the same time.You only have to send back the barcodes on these products. Afterwards we will grant you with the points.

Experience the performance
The widespread and successful use of Bosch spark plugs, ignition and gasoline direct injection components in international motorsports not only proves the high performance and reliability of these parts, but it also serves as a “rolling test lab in quick motion”. Often spark plugs, gasoline direct injection developed for motorsport purposes sooner or later become available for series-production cars as well – at least in a modified manner. Being strong in motorsport means being ready for future series production demands. Bosch offers high performance spark plugs and a complete range of ignition components for modern engines, and more recently the latest gasoline direct injection components in its workshop range as well. The aftermarket also benefits from extensive Bosch OE experience and know-how.

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